Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My First Entry

Hi my name is Alex Cattelona and you can find me on Twitter @catteloa. To begin with, I am not really a twitter guy. I've had one for about four years now but, I never really used it. I would follow a couple people I am interested in and that's about it. I never gave twitter a second thought or how powerful of a learning device it could be.

In class we started by reading an article which goes over the basics of twitter. For example the definitions of what a tweet really is or why you should have a shorter username. I had never known what a hash-tag was actually for, and for better or for worse I do now. An other thing that is interesting to note is what your profile picture could say about you. If your profile is using the default picture of a egg, people are going to think that your either new to twitter or just a spam bot.

The video above was also something that we watched in class. It goes into some of the of why someone should use twitter. One of the major points is that it is a great tool to communicate with others within or outside your field of interest. Twitter is a great tool for this is because not only can you talk to anyone one on one but, you can also get others to add their thoughts into the conversation. I find that pretty cool because it gets people talking. When people start talking then knowledge and ideas get past around. Once that start happening then new and exciting possibilities open up for you to explore.   

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