Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chrome Extensions

Extensions for Google Chrome are all pretty cool. I have been using Chrome for years now however, I had never gotten that deep into extensions. I never noticed them and thought about using them. They were just another thing I did not know about Chrome. For example, in the interview we had with both David Malone and Meredith Martin we talked about some cool Chrome extensions like Too Long  Didn't Read (TLDR), Snagit, OneTab, and Extensity. TLDR lets you condense longer articles into smaller and easier to read articles. When I don't have time to read a lengthy article about whatever topic I'm looking at, I normally just skim through it and miss most of what the article is talking about. Since I downloaded TLDR I've been getting the best of both worlds. I get my short article without me having to miss a beat. Snagit allows you to take a screen shot of anything on a website and lets you share it with others. OneTab brings all of your open tabs into a single tab making it so your computer isn't wasting energy running multiple tabs. Where as Extensity there here to collect and group your extensions together. The more extensions you get the harder it is to manage them. Extensity makes it easy to handle as many extensions you wish to have.

Other Chrome extensions out there are Save to Google Drive, Clearly, and ShortenMe. Save to Google Drive is an simple extension however, that is what so great about it. It lets you save images and even webpages right to your Google Drive without having to save it to your hard drive first. Not only is this a time saver but, to make the process of getting images to your Drive easier. Clearly does as the name might state and, that would be to clear up a webpage. Where as TLDR shortens articles, Clearly keeps the article the same length but clears up anything that might be around the article itself. Ads, videos, and side columns all go by the way side with Clearly. All that is left is an easy to article. With it being created by Evernote Clearly lets you highlight and mark things with the article and copies it over to your Evernote account. So this makes it easier to take notes while reading something online. Lastly but certainly not least is ShortenMe. I love this extension when it comes to sharing links to social media. By clicking the ShortenMe icon in the top right of you browser, it creates a shorten and social media friendly URL link for you. 

Also in our interview last week we went over iPad/iPhone apps with Katrina Keene. A nice app we went over was IHomework. It isn't a free app costing $1.99 however, depending on the type of person you are it could be very helpful. To put it simply, it is an app that organizes your homework. You put when papers, projects, or any other school related things are due and it keeps track of the due dates for you. Along with that it also keeps track of you schedule and other little things you might forget about your school life. By far the most useful app we covered would be EasyBib. EasyBib has always been my go to for when I wanted to make a citation for a paper or project. However, I only knew about the website for it. With that you had to punch in everything you knew about the source material and hoped it was enough to create the right citation for it. The app is awesome because it can scan the ISBN code on the back of the book and load up the citation to your phone. It keeps all you citations together and you are also able to put the citation in MLA, APA, or Chicago format. The last app I will talk about is ZooKazam. It is basically a zoo that you can keep in your pocket. Just print a cut out of the animal you want from their website and it lets you see an augmented reality version of the animal. Also with the app your are able to add weather to see a hippo when its raining, snowing, or sunny out. It also has about 40 animals in total so, there are plenty of choices for every type of person.                 

This past week we also presented our Social Media Etiquette projects. My project was about a man named Stuart Maclennan, a politician from Scotland who ruined his political career through the use of Twitter. If you are interested i'll put the presentation below and it will give you a quick summary of Maclennan's story and a warning to be careful on Social Media sites. 

Stuart MacLennan - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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