Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Evernote is a pretty cool website that I learned about last week. What Evernote is in a nutshell is a place where one can store all kinds of items. Whither it be notes from class or a meeting to pictures and documents from other websites, Evernote can keep track of it. Evernote can keep everything in one easily spot that one can never lose. There is also an Evernote app that syncs everything from your computer and ones phone. Any time I need to share my notes I can do it right through Evernote. As a student this makes keeping track of my notes every easy. I have a folder for each one of my classes and other sub-folders within though folders. I can find any note I wrote in no time, which makes it very easy to study for tests or looking up references for my papers. It is also nice for teachers because they can share their notes and/or other work that they might want their students to know. With the tags in Evernote organizing notes are simple and easy to see for students.     
A couple tips that I would use while using Evernote are simple and easy for anyone to use. For just $5 a month to be a premium member, one can use the presentation option on your Evernote. This can be used instead of power point. This is easier because all your notes are on Evernote instead of creating a power point from scratch. If there are to many notes in one notebook, one can merge there notes together. When one merges their notes then it condenses their folders even more, making it easier to organize ones notes further. Evernote also has also has a two step verification when creating and keeping an Evernote. This makes it Evernote a little safer and secure. Knowing that ones notes and other information they gathered online is safe can be a lifesaver. 

Emailing Evernotes can keep people within ones circle close and up to date with information. It makes it easier to get ones resources and references to other people. Also this way of working also lets one set reminders for not only oneself but, the other people ones working with. Reminders help remember due dates and keeps one on track. If information is put on the back burner, reminders will pop up and remind one about the due date. Along with emailing, there are also different means of connecting with professionals. Social media can be an important tool with learning and finding other professionals within ones field. One can keep in touch with people one might have meant at conference or anyone one can not meet in person. Twitter is a good example of a how one person can lead to more people. One can follow someone in there profession and then through there followers and people they follow one can find more people they might want to know. Finding hash tags are also helpful when trying to expand ones network or finding ideas they like. If one follows a hash tag then one is able to talk about that idea, Throwing out ideas with other people can make it easier to expand ones own thoughts and ones scope of their profession. To summarize social media can be a powerful tool not only finding other professionals but, learning from them as well. 


Untangling The Web Chapter 3 is about different ways to challenge the status quo of using power point as a way to show slides. SlideShare is one sure option and a pretty cool option at that. SlideShare is a social hub that educators and students can use to see presentations from around the world. It can be link to Facebook and Linkedin making it easier to share and find SlideShare presentations. VoiceTread is also pretty cool. The concept is simple in the fact that it is just a site to share photos and videos with the ability to comment on them as well. The site has mainly been the same since 2005 with the only differences having an IOS app and being able to import pictures fro Facebook. It may be a "simple" site but, it is still an other option one can use that is different from power point.      

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