Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Untangling your Digital Footprint

Untangling the web Chapter talks about three websites that could be useful to educators or anyone looking for so simple websites that are easy to us. Th first one is called Symbaloo. At first glance its a site that makes it easier to get to other sites. You can make tabs for other site you have visited or wish to visit. The tabs are eye popping and easy and clean to see. It makes for a good home page for any browser because it could hold up to Sixty tabs and URL links.  

The second of the three websites is Diigo. It is some what alike Symbaloo, but you can share your links with other people who may be interested in your links. However, unlike Symbaloo you can also share PDF annotations. It is free but, you can pay a fee for extra features
on the website.

The final website talked about is educlipper. This website is actually founded by author Adam Bellow. It allows teachers and also students to collect and share articles and other educational websites online   Your able to clip items from different websites together, create citations, and mark and tag the content to easy to use labels for K-12 students.

If you had ever felt safe while using Twitter and Instagram well think again. Well, you are still safe however, it is not as hard as you think to fine at where you are and where you have been. With this app, if you know a person's username then you can find out where they have been.It is designed to show people the dangers of leaving a digital trail and how easy it truly is to find anyone. This is a good reminder to keep your account set to private and be careful while leaving a digital footprint. 

Speaking of your digital footprint, here is a list of some things to keep in mind about it. Some of the things I thought were most important are that employers do read your online profile, know the basics, and do not be afraid to make a mistake. Why are you online? What exactly are you trying to get out of it; is it for personal use or for a more professorial one, either way you should know the basics rules and layout of what ever your using the internet for. Another point is to be careful not to spend to much time on the internet, everything as consequences especially the internet. Some of the worst things you could put online are things that do not put yourself in a good light. Employers are looking at your digital footprint or anything they can find online. Foul language, insensitive jokes, and drunken pictures are all fair game once they are online, and employers can and will use this against you. So as a reminder, just be safe with what you do and do not put online.  



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